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Read about how Sky Messaging successfully offsets its carbon footprint and when comparing alternative media, how green aerial advertising really is.

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Upcoming Flights for the Next 72 Hours

Flight ID Scheduled Duration Departure Aircraft Client Name
32242014-12-20 12:002.0Fisantekraal (CPT)ZS-EEWMavericks
51162014-12-20 12:302.0Fisantekraal (CPT)ZS-PGARatanga Junction
52532014-12-20 14:302.0Fisantekraal (CPT)ZS-EEWBrother
52642014-12-21 11:302.0Virginia Airport (DBN)ZS-DHIBrother
51172014-12-21 12:002.0Fisantekraal (CPT)ZS-EEWRatanga Junction
52542014-12-21 13:002.0Fisantekraal (CPT)ZS-PGABrother
54882014-12-21 14:002.0Virginia Airport (DBN)ZS-DHICash Crusaders
34122014-12-22 13:302.0Fisantekraal (CPT)ZS-PGACarfind


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